If you are interested in working at a company with a vast future projection and its own narrative-rich IP, and sharing a work environment with a professional team in Buenos Aires, Sixth Vowel is for you.

Sixth Vowel is looking for a 3D Texture Artist for a Tactical Sci-Fi videogame.

Style searched: Realistic Textures and Sci-Fi.

As a member of the artistic team you will assist the modeling team developing the required textures of all environments and possibly characters, together with the 3D Art team to guarantee the appropriate aesthetic and modeling quality that our project requires. You will learn the most up-to-date international techniques in ambient work (using the trimming technique).


  • Create textures for a realistic artistic style.
  • Work alongside the 3D team, according to the Art Director and the Technical Director’s indications, in order to provide textures for environments and possibly characters.
  • Create and keep ordered a texture library.
  • Work within technological restrictions.



  • Have basic lighting experience
  • Demonstrate skill in the creation of textures from a sketch to its final version
  • An excellent understanding of the theory of color and illumination, and affinity in creating textures for props as well as for architectures and natural elements of an environment
  • Photoshop and Substance Designer expert
  • Be able to collaborate and add creativity to the team of artists. Be able to provide constructive criticism effectively.
  • Be able to work agilely and efficiently under deadlines
  • Have a portfolio that demonstrates skill in creating realistic detailed textures for the camera used in our game (high angle 45-60 degrees)
  • Have a general understanding and experience in 3D modeling
  • Have a broad knowledge of polygonal texturing and UV Layout



  • Modeling technique by trimming.
  • Strive for product excellence pushing technical limits and investigate how to constantly exceed the quality achieved
  • Total understanding of the properties of textures maps in relation to shading and its lighting qualities.


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About the game:
A unique intellectual property in the Sci-Fi Tactical RPG genre. The game’s story offers a new vision for the future of humanity, one that takes place in a vast and rich universe with a large cast of interesting and fully-fleshed out characters. With its blend of sophisticated tactics and consequence-heavy role-playing, our project presents an exciting and immersive new take on the genre.