If you are interested in working at a company with a vast future projection and its own narrative-rich IP, and sharing a work environment with a professional team in Buenos Aires, Sixth Vowel is for you.

Sixth Vowel is looking for a Ssr/Sr Gameplay Developer for a Tactical Sci-Fi videogame.

We are looking for outstanding programmers with focus on gameplay for the turn-based tactical RPG we are currently developing. The job is in-house, surrounded by a team of professional programmers, who strive to generate extraordinary gameplay targeted at the tactical and strategist gamers’ market.

In order to work with us, you must to pass a technical exam.


  • Develop new gameplay systems according to game designers specifications
  • Debug and optimize game code for different platforms
  • Work on maintain the Framework in which the game is built
  • Keep updated on game mechanics and characteristics, as well as potential competitors.
  • Develop new tools to help optimize the workflow in other areas
  • Create neat and relevant documentation (TDD) on tools and/or implemented solutions


  • 3 or more years of professional experience
  • Must know how Unity/ Unity Editor works and how to extend it
  • Perfect understanding and use of design patterns and OOP
  • Ability to program in C# and proficiency in its libraries
  • Must have good serialization skills
  • Experience in module and service design
  • Must be a proven team player with excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Be proactive and adhere to good software programming and design practices
  • Fluid english – oral and written


  • Special knowledge in AI
  • Development of custom tools


  • Competitive compensation
  • Talented, passionate and supportive co-workers
  • Good work-life balance

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About the game:
A unique intellectual property in the Sci-Fi Tactical RPG genre. The game’s story offers a new vision for the future of humanity, one that takes place in a vast and rich universe with a large cast of interesting and fully-fleshed out characters. With its blend of sophisticated tactics and consequence-heavy role-playing, our project presents an exciting and immersive new take on the genre.