If you’re interested in working in a company with great international presence, a self-owned IP with enormous depth, and a truly professional team in Buenos Aires, Sixth Vowel is the place you’re looking for. Excellent contract conditions and work stability.

Sixth Vowel is looking for a Screentwriter working in videogames.

As a member of the Narrative Design team you will work writing dialogue and branching conversations, giving life to a fully realized universe and a great cast of characters. You will work in collaboration with Level Designers and the Creative Director, developing scripts from mission outlines, character reference documents, concept art, and location descriptions. Your imagination and passion, along with your understanding of storytelling and your excellent capacity for writing and communication, will be key to creating a project with international aspirations.


  • Writing full scripts of compelling dialogue, both branching and linear, for missions, cutscenes, and downtime interactions.
  • Integrating narrative and game design systems into dialogue scripts to hook the player and echo thematic elements with gameplay.
  • Collaborate with artists, animators, voice actors, and level designers to create original content and believable characters within an empathic game.
  • Producing, editing, and rewriting narrative content and documentation to produce a solid creative core for both the game and its team.
  • Developing and planning parts of the game’s story, communicating strongly across departments, and advocating for excellent storytelling throughout all areas of production.
  • Contributing to other creative areas by providing narrative insight and filling in secondary game content and marketing material.


  • Perfect written English and English comprehension.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience as a game writer, screenwriter, narrative designer, or equivalent within the games industry or a comparable industry.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Able to edit, reduce, bolster, and optimize text and scripts to address specific objectives.
  • Thorough knowledge of game development.
  • A solid understanding of story and game structure and how they can be integrated successfully.
  • Passion for games and storytelling.
  • Vast knowledge of successful intellectual properties in today’s popular culture.
  • Excellent organizational skills and an ability to work well under tight deadlines.
  • Ability to brainstorm and collaborate with a team.


  • Published writing, in games or otherwise, preferably within the genre.
  • Experience playing sci-fi and tactic games.
  • Experience as a game or narrative designer.
  • Knowledge of programming.
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.

Submit CV and Writing Samples 

About the game:
A unique intellectual property in the Sci-Fi Action RPG genre whose development time is estimated at 2 years and a half. A science fiction game with an exciting take on humanity’s future. It possesses a rich and mature story and offers a unique experience for roleplaying. With its mixture of strategy and action and its engrossing character development, it presents a new vision for genre, creating a game that is at once self-balancing and immersive.