Sixth Vowel is a company with great international presence working on an innovative, self-owned IP. We are an experienced team of talented professionals located in Buenos Aires. Excellent contract conditions and work stability.

Sixth Vowel is looking for an Editor to work on videogames.

As a key member of the Narrative Design team you will work with professional writers and narrative designers, editing dialogue scripts with branching structures and a large cast of original characters. You will also collaborate with other interdisciplinary teams to ensure the game’s narrative is consistent across the board. Your excellent editing, along with your capacity for focused writing and clear communication, will be critical to creating a game that will compete internationally. This is an ideal position for editors who have already worked in games as well as for experienced editors looking to join the games industry.


  • Edit and polish dialogue scripts at various levels of completion for missions, cutscenes, and downtime interactions.
  • Provide and organize clear, productive, and insightful feedback for writers about their work.
  • Collaborate directly with design and technical teams to ensure their considerations and requirements are reflected in the scripts.
  • Polish script execution in-game, collaborating with the Level Design, Audio, Animation, Art, and Cutscene teams to ensure fluid and dynamic narrative progression in each section of the game.
  • Review narrative design systems to ensure that they are well implemented and functioning as intended to reflect narrative and thematic elements in gameplay.
  • Collaborate with artists, animators, voice actors, and level designers to create original content and believable characters.
  • Produce and edit documentation to develop a solid creative core for both the game and its team.
  • Develop strong, creative solutions to narrative and production problems within the project.
  • Communicate actively across departments, advocating for excellent storytelling in all areas of production.
  • Contribute to other creative areas by providing narrative insight.


  • Perfect written English and English comprehension.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Great understanding of how to write spoken dialogue effectively and compellingly.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience as an editor, screenwriter, narrative designer, or equivalent within the games industry or a comparable industry.
  • Ability to detect strengths and weaknesses in writing and to propose clear, focused, and constructive feedback to solve problems.
  • Ability to edit, reduce, bolster, and optimize dialogues and scripts to address specific objectives.
  • A solid understanding of story and game structure and how they can be integrated successfully.
  • Passion for storytelling.
  • Vast knowledge of successful intellectual properties in today’s popular culture.
  • Excellent organizational skills and an ability to work well under tight deadlines.
  • Ability to collaborate constructively with both small and large interdisciplinary teams.


  • Experience in game development.
  • Published editing work and writing, in games or otherwise, preferably within the genre.
  • Experience playing sci-fi and tactics games.
  • Knowledge of programming.

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About the game:

A unique intellectual property in the Sci-Fi Tactical RPG genre. The game’s story offers a new vision for the future of humanity, one that takes place in a vast and rich universe with a large cast of interesting and fully-fleshed out characters. With its blend of sophisticated tactics and consequence-heavy role-playing, our project presents an exciting and immersive new take on the genre.